• Agriculture
  • Construction Industry
  • Culture, Sports and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Electricity, Gas and Water Production and Supply
  • Financial Industry
  • Healthcare, Social Security and Social Welfare
  • Hotel and Catering Industry
  • Information Transmission, Computer and Software Industry
  • Leasing and Business Services
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Mining
  • Public Governance and Social Organization
  • Real Estates
  • Residential and other Services
  • Scientific Research, Technical Services and Geological Prospecting
  • Transportation, Warehousing and Postal Services
  • Water, Environment and Public Facilities Management
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade

Agricultural Goods Proccessing     Aquatic Food Processing    Corn Milling    Feeds Processing    Other Agricultural Goods Proccessing    Slaughtering and Meat Processing    Sugar Refining    Vegetable Oil Processing    Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts Proccessing

Arts and Crafts and Other Manufacturing     Arts and Crafts     Coal Products    Household Sundries     Nuclear Radiation Processing    Other Manufacturing Not Classified Elsewhere

Beverages      Alcohol     Liquor     Refined Tea Processing    Soft Drinks

Chemical Fiber      Chemical Fibers Raw Materials     Synthetic Fiber

Chemical Materials and Products      Basic Chemicals     Coatings, Inks, Pigments and Similar Products     Fertilizer     Household Chemical Products     Pesticide     Specialty Chemical Products     Synthetic Materials

Communication Equipment, Computers and other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing     Broadcasting and TV Equipment    Communication Equipment    Computer     Electronic Components    Electronic Devices    Household Audio and Video Equipment     Other Electronic Equipment    Radar and Ancillary Equipment

Electrical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing     Batteries    Electricity Transmission and Control Equipment    Household Electrical Appliances    Lighting    Motors    Non-Electrical Household Appliances     Other Electrical Machinery and Equipment     Wires, Cables, Optic Fiber Cables and Engineering Equipment

Ferrous Metal Smelting and Rolling     Ferrous Alloy Smelting    Iron Making    Steel Making    Steel Rolling

Food Manufacturing Industry     Baked Food     Candy, Chocolate and Dried Fruits     Canned Food     Condiments, fermented Products     Convenience Food     Milk and Dairy Food     Other Foods

Furniture      Bamboo, Rattan Furniture     Metal Furniture     Other Furniture     Plastic Furniture     Wooden Furniture

Garment, Footwear, Headgear      Fabricated Shoes     Garment     Headgear

General Equipment Manufacturing Industry     Bearings, Gears, Delivery and Motors Components    Fans, Scales, Packaging and General Equipment     General Components and Repairing    Lifting and Transport Equipment     Metal casting, Forging    Metal Processing Machinery     Ovens, Furnaces and Electric Heaters    Pumps, Valves, Compressors and Similar Machines    Turbines and Generators

Instrumentation and Stationery, Office Machines Manufacturing     Clock and Watches    General Instrument    Optical instrument and Spectacles    Other instrument Manufacturing and Repairing    Specialty Instrument    Stationery, Office Machinees

Leather, Fur, Feather (Down) and Products      Feather (Down) Processing and Products     Fur Tanning and Products Processing    Leather Products     Leather Tanning and Processing

Metal Products Industry     Containers and Metal Packaging    Enamel Products     Metal Products for Construction, Safety    Metal Surface Treatment and Heating Processing    Metal Tools    Metal Wires and Products     Other Metal Products    Stainless steel and Household Metal Products     Structural Metal Products

Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting and Rolling     Common Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting    Non-Ferrous Metal Alloy     Non-Ferrous Metal Rolling    Precious Metal smelting    Rare Earth and Metal Smelting

Non-Metal Mineral Products Industry     Brick, Stone and other Building Materials     Cement and Plaster     Cement, Lime and Plaster     Ceramic Products     Glass and Glass Products     Graphite and other Non-Metal Mineral Products     Refractory Products

Paper Making and Paper Products Industry     Paper Making    Paper Products     Pulp

Petroleum, Coking and Nuclear Fuel Processing Industry     Coking    Nuclear Fuel Processing    Refined Petroleum Products

Pharmaceutical      Biological, Biochemical Products     Chemical Medicine     Healthcare Materials and Medical Supplies     Pharmaceutical Chemical Ingredients     Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing    Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing    Veterinary Drugs

Plastic Products Industry     Foam     Household Plastic Products     Other Plastic Products     Plastic Boxes and Containers     Plastic Components     Plastic Foil     Plastic Leather, Synthetic Leather     Plastic Sheets, Tubes, Materials     Plastic Threads, Rope and Woven Goods

Printing and Record Media Duplication     Binding and Other Printing Services    Printing    Record Media Duplication

Rubber Products Industry     Household and Medical Rubber Products     Other Rubber Products     Recycled Rubber     Rubber Components     Rubber Sheets, Tubes, Belts     Rubber Shoes     Tire

Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Industry     Agricultural Production Specialty Machinery and Equipment    Chemical, Timber, Non-Metal Processing Specialty Equipment    Electronic and Electrical Machinery Maufacturing Specialty Equipment     Environmental Protection, Public Safety and other Specialty Equipment     Food, Beverages, Tobacco and Feed Production Specialty Equipment     Medical Equipment and Devices    Mining, Metallurgy, Construction Specialty Equipment     Printing, Pharmaceutical, Household Chemicals Production Specialty Equipment     Textile, Garment and Leather Manufacturing Specialty Equipment

Stationery and Sports Products     Music Instruments     Playground and Amusement Products     Sports Products     Stationery     Toys

Textile Industry     Cotton, Synthetic Fibre Textile and Dying    Hemp Textile    Knitwear, Woven Products     Silk Textile and Processing    Textile Products     Wool Textile and Dying

Timber Processing and Wooden, Bamboo, Rattan, Palm Fibre, Grass Products     Bamboo, Rattan, Palm Fibre, Grass Products    Synthetic Panels     Timber Sawing and Processing    Wooden Panels

Tobacco Industry     Cigarette     Other Tobacco Products Processing    Tobacco Drying

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing     Aircraft and Space Vehicles    Automobiles    Bicycles    Motorcycles    Railway Transportation Equipment     Ships, Boats and Floating Structure    Traffic and other Transportation Equipment

Waste Disposal and Recycling     Metal Waste Disposal and Recycling    Non-Metal Waste Disposal and Recycling